Why You Should Choose Metal Siding for Your Home in Eveleth, Tower, or Ely, MN

Siding Eveleth, Tower, Ely MNMany savvy homeowners in Minnesota choose metal siding for their houses over less reliable materials like vinyl and wood. Their reasoning is simple: metal is far more durable than most competing products. That’s why Altobelli Peterson Construction installs metal siding for homeowners in the Eveleth, Tower, and Ely area. But, we don’t offer just any metal siding– we offer seamless steel siding from industry-leading manufacturer ABC Seamless. This siding is forged from heavy-gauge, hot-dipped, G-90 galvanized steel that is resistant to denting, warping, cracking, chipping, insect infestation, and more.

Here are a few key benefits associated with ABC Seamless siding from Altobelli Peterson Construction:

  • Energy efficiency – Newsflash: it’s cold in Minnesota. Thankfully, our customers in the Eveleth, Tower, and Ely areas have home siding that is tightly installed over a hearty layer of premium-grade insulation, which helps keep indoor temperatures comfortable despite freezing conditions.
  • Seamless beauty – Unlike some other types of metal siding that is tacked onto houses in 12-foot pieces, siding panels from ABC Seamless are cut according to the exact dimensions of each customer’s home. This means the home exterior isn’t riddled with ugly seams that can harbor dirt, moisture, and unwelcome pests.
  • Effortless maintenance – Thanks to the robust engineering of ABC Seamless siding, it’s virtually maintenance free.
  • Stylish options – This siding can be installed in more than 30 fade-resistant colors, as well as vertical and scalloped styles that can add the perfect decorative touch to any home’s exterior.

To learn more about seamless metal siding installed by Altobelli Peterson Construction, contact our friendly representatives today. We will be glad to visit your home in Eveleth, Tower, Ely, or a nearby MN city for a free estimate.